Specimen Collection

Urine Test

  • Ideally you should collect the first urine of the morning, as well the patient must have at least two (2) hours of urinary retention.
  • It should be performed prior genital grooming with soap and plenty of water, discard the first urine stream and then into a sterile container collect the urine sample.
  • The container must be labeled with your complete name and handed directly to the laboratory reception once completed.
  • If the patient is at home, the patient should bring the sample to the laboratory WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR AFTER THE COLLECTION.

Urine Culture

  • The patient must have at least 4 hours of urinary retention; it is preferably to take the first morning urine sample.
  • No antibiotics should be administered 3 or 4 days prior sample collection.
  • Proceed to collect the urine prior genital grooming with soap and plenty of water (taking care not to leave any traces of soap). Afterwards the first urine stream is discarded and then the rest is collected in a sterile container.
  • The sample must be transported to the laboratory as soon as possible. If you calculate that you are going to take over a 1 hour before being able to transport the sample to the laboratory, the urine container must be tightly closed and placed in an ice container, taking care not to get water in the urine container and therefore transport it immediately.
  • The container must be properly labeled with the patient's name and date.

24-hour urine

  • The patient must proceed to get up in the morning and discard (urine) in the bathroom in its totality and take note of the time.
  • From this moment on he/she must collect subsequent urine samples in the container provided by the laboratory, to meet 24 HOURS EXACT after having rejected the first morning sample.
  • The next day when urine collection was started, the patient must urinate and include this sample in the container.
  • Keep the container in a cool place and protected from light.
  • Afterwards, the patient must take the sample to the laboratory in a maximum time of 2 hours, be careful not to discard any portion of urine because it will influence the results.
  • Patient must be in fasting when attending the laboratory for blood sampling when indicated tests are creatinine clearance or urea.

Stool Sample

  • Collect the sample in a clean container with a wide opening and lid previously marked with the name and first name of the patient.
  • In babies, avail the use of a sterile cotton swab to stimulate defecation reflex when introduced gently into the anal opening.
  • Place the mouth of the container near anal opening to collect the sample.
  • Bring the sample as quickly as possible to the laboratory. If this is not possible, then take the cautions in maintaining the samples at cooling to 4C.

Fecal Occult Blood

  • The patient should refrain from eating red meat, sausages and sugar for at least three (3) days before the test.
  • The stool sample should not be exposed to contamination with urine or menstruation.
  • Serial samples for a few days increase the accuracy of the test.
  • Generally false positives are obtained in patients with hemorrhoids.
  • It is important that the patient is treated with ferrous sulfate since it can cause some false positives.

Collection of Saliva Sample for Secretory Test

  • The saliva sample should be collected within the laboratory.
  • Prior to sample collection, wash your mouth with water to remove the debris.
  • Some patient must remove the lipstick from their mouth and proceed to take about 4 ml of saliva into the container.



For cholesterol and triglycerides testing it is necessary for the patient to fast for 12-14 hours.