Our Team

MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba gives you results because we are:

We have a professional working team, which allows the organization to provide the medical community and patients laboratory results that comply with the principles of its Quality Policy, which indicates that it should deliver precise laboratory results, that are accurate, timely and clinically useful.

In order to fulfill our objectives, the laboratory has an administration that is in charge of assuring that the processes in the laboratory are achieved and complies with quality standards.

In the sampling process, the bacteriologist is in charge of this procedure and the processing of each sample. The laboratory assistants contribute to the group of bacteriologists by providing support in the elaboration process, which include obtaining, sorting and preparation of the samples, among other functions.

Likewise, in the chain of attention, the client interacts with our customer service personnel and receptionists who incorporates their data into our LIS  (Laboratory Information System), as well s providing you with refreshments, respectively.

Finally, MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba has identified the following areas that support the achievement of organizational objectives: Representative of the Direction, Lab Coordinator, Management Coordinator and Quality Coordinator.

MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba, works with the finest laboratory personnel with values ??that reflect their spirit of hard work, perfection and generous delivery to the enhancement of healthcare on the island. This team consists of a group of professionals with an extraordinary level of skills, whom are generously willing to spend some of their time to put their knowledge to the service of others.

In MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba our team always finds space to receive you and to make you feel welcomed, while serving our society with the best of our knowledge and talents, providing a timely and reliable service to others. Our team is committed in improving our environment, and to influence positively without discrimination of race and permitted to contribute to our country. 

"Bo Salud Ta Merece E Miho"