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MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba was founded in 1991 by a group of health professionals, all motivated to offer and introduce a diversity of clinical laboratory tests that were not offered at the time in Aruba. The laboratory is created as a response to a need of clinical laboratory testing on the island, with the goal to offer the society and medical community laboratory results that promised a shorten delivery time in conjuncture with strict quality controls.

Implementing our scientific knowledge with the use of advanced technology, and firm quality indicators assure us that the process of the routine will not be affected, therefore ensuring that the physicians receive reliable and trusthworthy results, which will allow them to make concrete decisions that will optimize the health of their patients. 

MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba is a private entity that offers clinical laboratory testing services in the healthcare sector. 

To give a brief summary of the evolution of the laboratory, we can say that in the 90s, with their techniques in laboratory analysis and unblemished trajectory with the island’s medical association, MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba comes to establish itself as one of the most important and vital clinical laboratory in the island. During this period it reaches an agreement to collaborate with the governmental entity, authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Throughout this agreement, all patients regardless of social status have access to a private laboratory where services are paid for and covered by the government for the first time in the history of healthcare in the island of Aruba.

Furthermore MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba is part of an innovative group of public and private clinical laboratories interested in adapting to their processes parallel quality standards for the first time in Aruba.

In 2006 MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba, initiates the implementation of a quality management system with the objective of improving the services that are offered to its customers. As a recognition to the efforts made, the laboratory obtains the ISO 9001:2000 Certification, with the honor of being the first clinical laboratory in the Caribbean area to receive such recognition and maintaining this achievement to date. 

It is important to mention that the achievement of such system is a process that took over 3 years of preparation, controlling, recollection of data with its corresponding analysis and validation. 

In 2008, with the aims of continuous improvements, the organization decides to pursue other quality standard recognitions, therefore being Accredited with the World Quality Standard ISO 15189:2007, which is specific for clinical laboratories and maintaining accreditation to the current date. 

It is noteworthy to mention that MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba is the only laboratory in the island that is currently Certified and Accredited, guaranteeing to its customers, that the quality management system and technical process of the laboratory are constantly being monitored and evaluated by international accreditation and certification entities. 

MEDLAB Laboratorio Aruba strategic platform is based on:



  • To serve all patients who request clinical testing services with excellence and honesty, with innovative and cost effective solutions that can contribute to their well-being and quality of life.
  • To satisfy our customers with a timely and opportune service that meets their necessities.


  • To be a leader in the private clinical laboratory industry in the Caribbean and Latin America, recognized by the quality in their management and commitment as a model of excellence in scientific innovation, the environment, human resources and financial sustainability. 

Quality Policy

Our company specializes in clinical laboratory services, committed to:

  • Fulfillment of customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and expectations of the organization, and providing timely and reliable results through the application of international technical standards.
  • Development of our Human Resources abilities and competences with continuous enhancement.
  • To establish a social responsibility with the environment.


Logotipo Noord Lab Center

In the 2000s the development is rewarding, among others, a new design of our institution is developed. The new logo reflects the laboratory with its quality of service; the dedication involved in the development is evident when joining the laboratory staff with a closed circle to its users. The colors reflect the national colors (yellow, blue and red), feeling honored to be contributing to the country's healthcare and social progress.